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Arkansas Life Estate Deed

Arkansas Life Estate Deed

The Arkansas Life Estate Deed allows you to do two things:

(1) Transfer ownership of your property to your heirs when you pass away;

(2) Retain an interest in your property while you are alive.


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Primary Purpose

The primary purpose for executing an Arkansas Life Estate Deed is to transfer your property to your heirs without your heirs having to go through legal Probate Court proceedings which can be both time consuming and expensive.  This Deed allows you to name your heirs as owners of your property, but allows you to retain control of your property until you pass away.  When you pass away, your heirs simply record your death certificate in the public records and the property becomes theirs.



The benefits of the Life Estate Deed include avoiding probate (mentioned above), and giving "peace of mind" to your heirs that changes to your Will won't effect ownership of the real estate included in the Life Estate Deed when you pass away.


For more information on the Arkansas Life Estate Deed, please visit: Arkansas Life Estate Deed