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Delaware Last Will and Testament (Married with Prior Children)

This Delaware Last Will and Testament (Married with Prior Children)
is for married couples who have children from a prior marriage.


Easy to create! Complete yours today. Don't leave these important decisions up to a Court.

This document is available for immediate download in Microsoft Word® Format.



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This Delaware Last Will and Testament (Married with Prior Children) satisfies the requirements for validity in every state.  This means if you own property outside the state, this Will can be admitted to probate in the other state and still be valid.


The primary purpose for this type of Will is to identify all of your children from a previous marriage, designate a guardian for the minor children, and detail which of your heirs will inherit each item in your estate.

This document also allows you to, among other things, determine:

(1) who will manage your estate when you pass away,

(2) who will inherit your home when you pass away,

(3) who will inherit your personal property when you pass away, and

(4) who will be Guardian of your minor children when you pass away.