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Enhanced Life Estate DeedThere are 4 products.

The Ohio Enhanced Life Estate Deed AKA: Ladybird Deed is a variation of the Quitclaim Deed with certain "enhanced" features. These features include:
(1) Allowing you, the property owner, to sell or otherwise dispose of the property without having to get your beneficiaries to approve of the sale. This is different from other property deeds that require the consent of any named beneficiary before the property can be sold;
(2) Allowing you, the property owner, to pass the property to your heirs outside of probate when you die free of Medicaid claims and liens. This can dramatically cut down on time and costs associated with opening a Probate Estate;
(3) Allowing you, the property owner, to retain your homestead creditor and tax exemptions; and
(4) Keeping your home exempt from Medicaid claims during your lifetime.